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Argh Stop That Noise!

Have you ever said that when your children are making a racket?  I know I have especially today.  In Australia we are in the midst of summer holidays as well so I am sure some parent’s have once or twice.  Grace and Emma are having a wonderful time at present winding each other up to they make these high pitched noises that sound like nails down the chalk board.  I especially hate it when they are doing it in the car.

But after saying the “stop that noise”, I thought to myself why is that upsetting me?  I paid attention to my inside voices and emotions to work out why this was causing me to become annoyed.  I could feel my anxiety levels raising with this high pitched noise, my breathing became shallower and my hands were gripping the steering wheel.

Is this my issue or the children’s issue?  I came down to realising it is probably my issue and not the girls.  By deep breathing and focusing on my breathing I was able to bring down my anxiety levels and calmly remind them that they need to lower the noise levels.

The majority of parents come with our own issues that stem from our past.  By being aware with this issues and really getting to the root of the issue, we will be able to meet the children’s needs easier and without the stress that it causes us.