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Bottle Feeding and Mother Guilt!

Breastfeeding  Coaching for Lifetime Change supports all women who either breastfeed and bottle feeding.  Today I walked through a food court where there was a good mixture of mums breast feeding and mums bottle feeding and even after all this time I felt a pang of guilt and envy at the same time.

I did not breast feed either Grace or Emma.  We tried for a month to breast feed Grace and it did not go well.  Every feed was painful as Grace would not latch properly on and there was very little milk supply.  Each feed was full of tears as I felt like a failure as a mother and women as breast feeding is promoted as something that is easy and natural.  I was amazed that even in the hospital little information of different options for instance medication to help milk supply or simply a phone number for a lactation consultant.  I also found out in the last couple of years that it is quite common for children with autism not to latch properly.

Emma on the other hand was breast feeding quite well but my doctors took me off breastfeeding due to my medication needs for my postnatal depression.  I was not given the option to use specific medication that is good for breast feeding mums.

The guilt that the majority of mums who can not breastfeed continues to affect them years later although at the time they did what was best not only for them but also for their child.  I know for my girls, they have been both well and rarely sick and I did research and make sure that they were having the best formula that I could give them.  I also knew that they did get the colostrum when they were born.

What is important now is for those mums to become at peace with their decision not to breastfeed.  By becoming in peace with your decision it will strengthen your relationship with your child as it is really important you do not feel like a failure as a mother and that you hurt your child for your reason for not breastfeeding.  If you would like to receive a video to gain this peace from the guilt, fill in your details on the following link and subscribe to my mailing list.