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Won First Battle Towards Emma’s School Transition!

We are in the process of preparing Emma for school transition into prep (Victorian education) next year.  We were extremely lucky that we had an extremely supportive kindergarten teacher who fought with us to get a second year of kindergarten.  What amazes me is that people are up in arms about kinder hours being cut but they are not up in arms that children who are struggling can not do a second year of kindergarten thanks to the decision makers at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Studies.  But I am sure that is a topic for another post.

So of course we are in the process of preparing Emma for school transition.  Now for those who do not know Emma has been diagnosed with autism and severe sensory processing disorder.  I have been approaching her school to get them to understand Emma and so that dialogue could start.  But it has been put off numerous times to the point where I even offered to pay for the staff to have a professional development with Emma occupational therapist.  But of course that was not followed up.

So today I went to make an appointment and I explained Emma world in an easy way to understand.  I said Emma’s amygdala is in fight/flight mode 24/7 and if the school does not understand her world then the worst case scenario would be that she will shut down and take off on them or find the smallest place to hide and not respond.  She has done that to me at home.  Oh my goodness you should have heard the penny drop.  Now I have a meeting on Monday and there will also be another liaison person so they too can hear Emma’s story.

It is extremely tiring for parents to have to go in to fight the battles but at the end of the day who is going to bat for our children if parents do not.  Grace has done really well at the school and I want Emma to have a successful start.