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A Deep Friendship with Partner Leads To Happy Marriages

Do you have a deep friendship with your partner?   Do you know that a deep friendship with partner leads to happy marriages?

After reading The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman, PH.D and Nan Silver, I have realised the importance of having a deep friendship with your partner in order for it to lead to a happy marriage.  John describes this friendship ‘as having a mutual respect and enjoyment in each other’s company.  These couples tend to know each other intimately – they are well versed in each other’s likes, dislikes, personality quirks, hopes, and dreams.  They have an abiding regard for each other and express this fondness not just in the big ways but in little ways day in and day out.

Most marriages or partnerships start off well with a lot of positivity and there would be little thought of the marriage ending in divorce.  However, over time little resentments can build with particular quirks, annoyance etc.  After the birth of a child, the marriage is further tested as the attention goes from the partnership to the child.  Then you add sleep deprivation and hardship into the mix and there is no wonder why so many marriages end after the first few years of a child coming into the family.

Now if you are thinking my goodness my marriage is going to end in divorce.  There is a lot you can do between now and then.  In my Reinvigorate Your Relationship with my Partner we will work together step by step so that we can rebuild the friendship and take you off the divorce statistics.  Believe me my program is so much cheaper than a divorce and it has more value than a divorce can possibly give you.

The question is do you want to reinvigorate your relationship?

Relationships change with a child.

A lot of mums and dads are amazed that relationships change with a child.  Before a child is born, you have a lot of time to be with each other and you definitely do not get woken up in the middle of the night.  You also have your partners attention all the time when you are together.

However when a child is born, it does change couple’s relationships.  All of a sudden your attention focuses on your child and less on each other.  Your time is taken up looking after your children 24/7 through feeding, bathing, playing and sleeping so it is natural for families with new children to sense a change in their relationships.

There are a few simple strategies that families can use to help keep the bond going with each other:

  1. Try and have dinner together once your child has gone to bed
  2. Thank each other for things that they do to help
  3. There are plenty of ways to say I love you
  4. There is a lot of love simply through touch of the face, hand etc.
  5. Acknowledge that being a parent can be tough.

If you would like to reinvigorate your relationship then have a look at my program as all relationships need work.