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Challenges Faced By Dads

Why dads leaveMeryn G Callender in her book Why Dads Leave provides readers with so much insight on the journey men go through when becoming parents.  Most of the focus leading up to the birth is on the mother as they are carrying the child.  However, why is there limited focus on dads and their journey to fatherhood?

Fatherhood, much more than motherhood, is a cultural invention. Its meaning is shaped by a culture that conditioning a man into certain ways of acting and perceiving himself. It may be said that fathers are made, not born.” (Why Dads Leave)

Men are all of a sudden, just like mums, into a new role which could be quite overwhelming for a new dad.  Many men tend to find the transitioning to parenthood extremely challenging if they were denied the presence of an emotionally available father when they were growing up.  So therefore a lot of men rely on what they see culturally on how to become a father.  We have shows like the Brady Bunch which depicts what a perfect father should act like.  Then within each cultural group, the notion of father is depicted to being the bread winner, protector of his family, the disciplinarian, the one who rough plays and does horsey rides.

More and more men want to be more hands on with their children and at the same time can be quite conflicted if they were not shown in their early years, let alone go against a cultural depiction of fatherhood.  We all got to remember transition to parenthood is extremely difficult for both mums and dads in their own unique way.