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The Challenges of School Holidays

008I have to admit that I was actually looking forward to school holidays. I miss Grace and Emma when they are at school and kindergarten.  I was looking forward to not doing school drop off for two weeks.  I was looking forward to simply spending time with them.

But of course that did not happen.  I was not prepared for the onslaught of poor Grace not being in routine.  I did not expect it to make sucg a difference to her because she had holidays at kindergarten last year. But I guess I did not factor in that she had days off during the week so it did not faze her as much.

Believe me this year it did!  I ended up calling her stand off Grace. Getting out of the house was a massive challenge with most of the time took 20 minutes.  Plus she constantly lost the plot throughout the day. It definitely woke me up to all the challenges that children with autism have.  On top of this, the holidays were full of catch up therapy appointments for both girls which gave us less activity time. But honestly, even without the appointments the activities would have been challenging to control her melt downs.

But she did manage to settle into holiday mode this week on Wednesday and now I wish we had another week to go.  I spoke to her occupational therapist and she suggested a social story for next holidays so we can at least prepare in advance for holidays.