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10 Steps To Lifelong Happiness

In the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun on 11/11/12 there was an article based on 10 Steps to Lifelong Happiness.

1.  Take Charge – make the choice to own up to your true potential and step into your brilliance.  We need to definitely get rid of all the excuses we can give.

2.  Let it go – Don’t waste energy trying to change or alter things that are well beyond your control. Focus on the things that are in your influence and find a peaceful acceptance of the rest.

3.  Live for now – Forget the past as that is something we can not change.  Don’t spend too much time dreaming about the future. But simply focus on today and making the moments the best you can.

4.  Expect the best – optimism is about expectation; expect the best and from life and it will deliver.

5.  Back yourself – You need to learn to believe in your dreams, your ideas and yourself. If you truly believe its amazing what becomes possible.

6.  Give all you can – be generous, not just with the gifts that you give but also how you give to yourself.

7.  Get out of the way – the only person who can really hold you back in life is you.  Overcome your limiting beliefs, ideas and attitudes and give yourself permission to truly shine.

8.  Be grateful – when you focus on how much you already have, your true desires will be easily met and you will also discover how little you genuinely need.

9.  Keep it up – don’t give up or choose a more complacent path should this take longer than you might have wished.

10.  Be brave