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How NOT To Teach Your Child To Swim

swimmingGrace and Emma have been having swimming lessons for the last month and they are just so cute.  I would let Steve teach them as he used to teach children to swim but we thought the girls would get more out of having swimming lessons.  I was probably lucky on Friday that Grace wanted to go to the toilet as Steve watched an interesting (that is probably putting it mildly) display of a child being taught to swim by his father (not the swimming instructors).  The father on the other hand was probably lucky Steve was watching Emma as the look on Steve’s face was of hatred that I have never seen.

This father was dragging the child by his neck around the water, was smacking him, was yelling at him and being quite physical with every little error the poor child made and I do not think the child was older than 9.  It was simply horrible and disgusting to watch.  I bet the father wouldn’t have let the child do swimming lessons as I would not be surprised to see the father punch the instructor for every little mistake.

What kind of future is this poor child going to have as every time he see water he would remember this experience and god knows what relationship this child has with his father.  It will not be a good one. Absolutely shocking is all I can say.