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Benefits of Exercise Just After 5 Days

I have managed to complete 5 days of exercise.  I am doing high intensity trainings, teaching myself to run for 30 minutes and doing sit ups.  I just want you to make that you understand that YOU don’t have to do this type of training.  I know a person walking everyday and receiving the same benefits.  You need to enjoy the exercise that you want to participate in or you will simply not do it.

The benefits of exercise that I am finding after 5 days are:

  • I feel more focused
  • I am sleeping well
  • I am feeling more positive
  • I chased the girls throughout the play centre and loved it.  Usually I wouldn’t do it because of my weight but I did.
  • My self esteem and self belief in myself has improved.

I love the feeling after working out and even better stretching out at the end.  It is imperative you stretch after every workout to protect your body from injury.  When my muscles are occasionally sore, I rub a soothing rub to help warm up the muscles and it works a treat.  If I am feeling tired, I like to rub a bit of peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck for an invigorating feeling.