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For Teachers Who Do Not Believe In Autism

For teachers who do not believe in AutismIt breaks my heart when I hear parent’s say that their child’s teacher does not believe in Autism.  This article is for teachers who do not believe in Autism because they have failed to learn something about something they do not know.

What made you want to become a teacher in the first place?

You have spent numerous years studying to be a teacher and I am sure you participated in lots of placements in schools.   What did you enjoy about these experiences?

What made you take a teaching position in the first place?

Most teachers who take a role in schools want to teach children and help them in some way.  There are definitely some who I wonder why they bother which is a shame.  You must have a passion for teaching because it is definitely not about the money.  I bet you had a dream about what kind of teacher you would like to be and I am sure there is a teacher who inspired you.

However, how can you possibly help students if you refuse to deepen your education into the disability area.  I completed a Bachelor of Early Childhood and it was not until I met a child with Autism in my care did I realise I was not going to be the teacher that I wanted to be if I did not take further steps in understanding disabilities and especially Autism.

Parent’s expect teachers to have knowledge about everything and courses do not put a lot of emphasis on disability knowledge.  I remember my course was based on child development, the curriculum, literacy and numeracy.  I knew for the well being of this student, I had to complete more study in the disability field so that I can provide the best environment for this child.

Each of your student’s comes with their own interests and needs.  There is no child sitting in front of you has the same needs as another.  It is daunting to figure out how to meet each child’s need in a class of 30.  It is even harder when there is a massive focus on literacy and numeracy.  Teachers also do a lot of extra hours.  Believe me I get it as I was faced with the same situation.  However it does not take a lot of time to read up the vast amount of information on the web for ideas.  The parent is full of information on the strengths, interests of the child and ways you can put simple strategies in place so that the child can be successful and for you to reach a whole new level as a teacher.

By failing to gain further information and education about Autism and simply keeping the belief that Autism is due to bad parenting etc etc etc, I would encourage you to find another job.  I had a boy with severe Autism in my class and there were many days when I went home with bite marks.  Teachers should definitely not be made to deal with bite marks and violence from students.  Nevertheless do you know how we stopped the biting? No we didn’t put him in a cage, tie him up or even expel him.  We tapped into his interests, strengths and his personality.  Once we got to that stage we did not receive a single bite mark and we put in strategies to help him before he got to that stage.

It is not easy being a teacher but don’t stop yourself from learning more and more for your students because one day YOU will be the teacher who inspires a child to become a teacher.  It is hard to change your beliefs but don’t let your false beliefs stop you.

There are many ways to gain knowledge to become the teacher you wanted to be at the start.  If anyone wants any help, please feel free to email me at as I can point you in the right direction to amazing resources or even offer some suggestions.