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Why Do People Bother To Talk To Each Other

Today I was sitting having some morning tea with Emma and I was flabbergasted by the people at the table behind us.  I usually do not listen to other people’s conversations but honestly you couldn’t not listen with the male talking so loud.  The general gist of the conversation was him belittling his partner about hurting her ankle and needing surgery.  He was saying how he could not trust her, she was putting him out, she was hopeless and the list went on.  The same thing happened the day before coming out of Airport West Shopping Centre but the F word was used every couple of words.

I was in an emotional abusive relationship for 2 years and I know how hard it is to get out of those relationships. I still crumble if I am spoken to even slightly harshly as I spent 2 years feeling like I was walking on egg shells.  But really where is society going if people think it is OK to talk to people like that?  How would those individuals like to be spoken to like that every single day.  My heart sank as all I could think about was that these two people may develop a better action plan if they communicated better with each other.