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Vetiver Essential Oil

VetiverVetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) is one of my most used oils especially for Grace.  I have found when Grace is really unsettled and not coping, if I roll a special blend called the Peaceful Child Blend up her spine, it grounds her quickly and  she is able to cope better.

The distillation of vetiver is a painstaking, labour intensive activity.  The roots and rootlets have been used in India as a perfume since antiquity.  It has a heavy, smoky, earthy fragrance.

Vetiver oil assists in becoming more rooted in life.  Life can scatter one’s energy and cause one to feel split between different priorities, people and activities.  It centers individuals in themselves in self and to the root of their emotional issues.

Emotions that can be addressed are disconnected, scattered, stressed, need to escape.