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We All Feel Depressed Now and Then

Do you beat yourself up if you feel depressed for more than a couple of days?  I know over the last 1.5 weeks I have been.  But I kept telling myself that we all feel depressed now and then.  The weather has changed in Australia to being cold and it is quite typical that people feel depressed during the winter times.

I have not felt depressed for 1.5 weeks for ages and it was getting to the stage where I was going to contact my psychiatrist.  I knew the reason for my depression was stress related as everything felt like it was getting on top of me.  I wasn’t eating properly, definitely not motivated to exercise and my tolerance was pretty low.  But I thought I really just had to ride it out and hope it would end soon rather than later.

I also wrote myself a list of what I felt I had lost control of and if it was things I could control I have been making sure I got on top of them.  My list consisted of:

  • Eating what the dietician suggested at all times and keep to the routine.
  • Get up in the morning (eek its cold and dark at 6am) and exercise.
  • Drink more water
  • Take time out for me and read a book
  • I found a schedule template on Excel so I am using that to plan my entire day.
  • I am having cuddle time with the girls in the morning
  • I am making sure that I am not yelling at the girls.

Always remember that we all have down days now and then and it helps to talk to someone.  Finding out the reasons for the stress and completing tasks that you are procrastinating about so they are no longer on your mind.  But the most important part is be kind to yourself and do not beat yourself up.