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Taught the Insurance Company a Few Lessons.

It has been a while since I have given an update with my fight against the insurance company in regards to their blatant discrimination against the girls with their trauma insurance.  For those who are not up to date, scroll down my blog page and you will see the previous updates.

I have to admit it had been a while since I had heard from either OnePath Insurance which honestly is pretty slack on their part or from my finance manager.  However I did know that he was going to go speak to higher levels of ANZ about this problem.

Well, I have had taught the insurance company a few lessons in regards to individuals with autism.  I was expecting them to still say no we are not going to cover them but I will insure the girls with their trauma policy.

However, the win does not just stop there and I will continue to make sure that this occurs but they are actually going to change their exclusions and no longer will lump children under the one umbrella.  I am going to research all insurance companies who offer child trauma insurance policies and I will make sure that this does not happen to families again.  Plus I am going to take the next step, of sending information to finance managers who offer these policies so that they too can fight for their clients.  If it wasn’t for James from ANZ having a child on the spectrum, I do not think I would have won this fight.  All I have to do is provide them with their school report which honestly I am not sure what the point is but I am happy to show them their achievements.

There is absolutely no reason for children to be excluded from trauma policies and this discrimination really needs to stop for good.  I will keep updating my progress on this issue.


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