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To All Soldiers who we Remember on Anzac Day!

To all soldiers who we remember on Anzac Day, I say thank you!  So many men and women gave their lives for our country, even up to 2014.  These amazing individuals, some of them kids themselves, volunteered to serve their country.  To head into the unknown and get killed in those fields.  They did it for us and I say thank you.

Every time, I see someone collecting money to help families and loved ones if our fallen soldiers, I put money in their tins.  I do not do it for a badge, many look at me in surprise, but I always say it is my way to say thank you.  It was also special when Emma was telling Steve that they put money in the tin to say thank you.

So many lives have been lost to war and we simply have not learnt.  Why are people still being sent to fight against others?  In the words of the Dalai Lama, simply because we can not treat others simply as human beings.  If we took away all the labels eg race, religion, sex and treat each person as a human beings there would be no reason to send people off to fight and possibly not come back.

Coaching for Lifetime Change says thank you.

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