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Week 3 Challenge – What are Your Child’s Strengths?


As parents it is easy to focus on what our child’s weaknesses are.  Therapy is focused on improving their weaknesses.  In social media, you see a lot of posts focusing on children’s weaknesses and very little on a child’s strengths.

For all children it is important to work with your child’s strengths and build from there.  If you keep focusing on their weaknesses not only will it affect their self esteem but you want them to be confident. Children with autism should focus on their strengths and build on from there.

What are Grace’s Strengths?

🙂 She cares about others

🙂 She is great at reading

🙂 She was the leader of her calisthenics group

🙂 She is great at spelling

🙂 She is enthusiastic about her learning

🙂 She is a great big sister

🙂 She loves to sing

🙂 She loves to dance

🙂 She doesn’t loose belongings at school

🙂 She has an awesome imagination

🙂 She helps her friends

🙂 She remembers everything

🙂 She loves to colour in

🙂 She is learning the piano

🙂 She loves the beach

🙂 She has always come up with her own calming strategies


What are Emma’s Strengths?

😎 She has the funniest sense of humour

😎 She loves animals

😎 She tells me how she feels

😎 She loves a cuddle

😎 She loves to dance

😎 She loves to sing

😎 She cares about her friends

😎 She loves to colour in

😎 She loves to write

😎 She loves to do sport

😎 She loves riding her scooter

What  are your child’s strengths?

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