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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy involves using concentrated essences of a plant to bring about change.
The word aromatherapy is somewhat misleading because it implies a patient gets better just because he/ she smells an essential oil. This is only half the story. Sniffing an oil will alter mood, and in some ways that is medicine. If you’re feeling tense and you relax, then this is most certainly therapeutic, but essential oils are capable of so much more.
They are made up of miniscule chemical molecules. It is believed each single drop of oil contains 40 million trillion molecules (that’s 19 zeros!) That equates to 40,000 molecules for every single cell in your human body. These tiny molecules give essential oils their aroma. There are so many of them, that when you open the lid, they literally explode from the bottle dispersing into a room and filling it with their fragrance. This evaporation quality is what we call volatility.
These molecules are small enough to squeeze through the pores of your skin and enter your blood stream through the capillaries in the base of the dermal layers. From there, they circulate around the body to work in an incomprehensible number of different ways.
The molecules are also able to enter the body via your nose. Here the oils encounter nerves that send messages to an extraordinary mechanism called the limbic system. This part of the brain controls memories, moods, emotions, recognition and even learning. Inside the head, the brain has many structures protecting it from injury and contamination. The obvious one is the skull, but there are many more including what is called the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). The BBB does exactly what it says on the tin, it protects the brain from any germs or bacteria circulating in the blood. Scientists now believe, rather than being like a wall, stopping everything going through, the barrier acts like a sieve or a filter, if you like. Very few things are able to pass this barrier. The molecules must be extremely tiny to permeate it.
Research shows that certain parts of essential oils are capable of passing through this barrier, opening up a new exciting arena for my friends in their lab coats. These magical oils come from a group called Terpenes.

I have been using essential oils as a tool with my family’s wellbeing and I am continually amazed on the benefits it has for us all.
Over the next few weeks you will read information about how to choose quality essential oils and how to use essential oils safely.  It is extremely important that you research essential oils before using them so that you are fully aware of their benefits.

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