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Why Are We So Scared To Ask For Help?

A new mum asks “I need help”

Typical responses “Welcome to parenthood”

“Suck it up”

“We never asked for help”

“Asking for help is a sign of weakness”

“Just get on with it”

When you read the above responses, it is no wonder why parents struggle through and not ask for help.  If a parent does get some help, they in turn feel guilty and feel that they are not good enough as a parent.

But is asking for help that bad?  No!

If I did not seek help, I would be 6 foot under by now. I was diagnosed with severe depression after my first child was born and with severe PND with my second child.  If I didn’t ask for help I would not be here today and that is a reality.  If I did not ask for help, I would not be the person I am today from all the wonderful help that I received.  I have had a long road through recovery but this week I said good bye to my psychologist after 5 years.

This is one of the reasons why I have set up Coaching for Lifetime Change.  I want to give back to the community for all the wonderful help I received and that I am still receiving.  I am extremely proud that I sought help because my life is so much richer and fulfilling than I could ever imagine.  I have so much to give and I can give each family fantastic results and an everlasting bond.  I am not judgemental at all and believe me nothing you could ever say to me would shock me.

Being a parent is extremely rewarding and truly amazing with the right help.  I promise you, that you will not regret it.