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You Don’t Have To Make Up For Anything|PND

Today I took Emma to a story/music time at the library and there she was sitting away from me (she is nearly turning five), doing the actions and listening to the stories.  I sat in awe at her because for the percentage of last year she was usually sitting on my knee and it took a lot of coaxing to participate.  We had a special moment from across the room where our eyes met and we both smiled and blew a kiss at each other.

Part of me still tells myself that I have to make it up to her for going through PND (postnatal depression).  But do you know what?  I don’t have to make up for it at all.  I was in the lowest place imaginable after Emma was born and I spent 7 months fighting the urge to kill myself and stop self harming.  I struggled minute by minute to get well for my girls and husband.  I would never wish anyone to go through the hell of PND and I did nothing wrong to get it.  Sadly it just chooses you.  I came to the conclusion awhile ago that PND made me be a better person.  I got to deal with issues from the past and I got to know myself so much better.

If you’re reading this post and you have gone through PND, you fought to get well.  You fought tooth and nail to get onto the road to recovery.  You did it not only for you but for your children.  If that does not show you how much you loved them even back when you might have had some dark intrusive thoughts, I do not know what will.

Grab this opportunity to push aside any thoughts of making it up to your child and start building that amazing relationship that you have always dreamt of.  Do not let anything stand in your way.

I would be honoured to help you to take those steps of accepting your story and start a new beginning chapter to your families relationships.  I can provide you 100% support through weekly phone calls, catch ups, Skype sessions or email support to:

  • To develop a positive and caring environment that will always leave you with the sense of being heard and understood especially by someone who has been through the same illness.
  • Develop a family vision that is based on your dreams and values. I will be able to support you with any challenges that you are encountering as you go.
  • Create a family lifestyle that you deserve
  • Understand and navigate the challenges that you are facing on the road to recovery and as a parent.
  • Find the space to heal past hurts, worries and be at peace with your journey
  • Create a balance between family, work and personal goals
  • Developing strategies to get in touch with who you are and who you want to be
  • Exploring and enhancing parenting skills so that there is no room for mothers guilt.
  • Improving communication skills with husband/partner
  • Improve your relationship and family dynamics
  • Get the spark back into the relationship
  • Develop strategies for overcoming any hurdles that are thrown your way
  • Gain the confidence and skills to be the best mum you could possibly be
  • Stay on the road to recovery

Feel free to email me on to take this brand new and amazing step to a new family relationship.

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